"Every shoe, boot and creation is born of my love for the earth, for indigenous cultures, and for the old ways. The shoes are built to bring you into relationship with the earth beneath you, and into relationship to your own earth, your body, which you’ll feel in entirely new ways in these soft soled shoes. They’re inspired. Soft but solid, delicate but made to last. And with each purchase you can rest assured that you're investing not only in your own well-being, but in the well-being of your children, and the planet. We make our shoes ourselves, at home, with local materials, and with the interest of 7 generations at heart" Merrill Page, founder.

         “The images created by my hands are echoes of the dream-voice within me. They are also evidence of my dream-power, because some of my images can be magic used to heal or destroy, though by vocation I am no sorcerer. The images are powered by virtue of the forces they represent or by what material and means they came into being.

    I put a bit of myself into them- my view of the cosmos into a basket, my fingerprint on a pipe bowl- though you can not see it. You may simply see isolated, inanimate objects, separated from the spiritual context that inspired their creation. You do not know that I borrowed colors, forms, and materials from a living universe, or that I focused on one haunting image of my dreams and the spiritual realm of the universe....”   Anna Lee Walters p. 25 The Spirit of Native America